The Art of Tiles.

My name is Catherine Carroll I am a studio potter… I have worked in clay for close to 30 years since leaving school with a BFA & MFA, majoring in studio ceramics… the past 10 years I have turned my focus to tile making.

In these blogs I want to share my understanding of tiles, there magic, beauty of imperfection and richness tiles bring to the spaces we live and work in.

Handmade artisan tiles bring to life the image the artist envisioned from the past and the present.

Clay is a wonderful medium to work in….you can explore forever and never stop learning.

Grey tiles are the focus of this first blog…for a recent commission I was asked to develop a transparent grey glaze that would pool darker grey in the crevices.

The tiles I make are inviting to the eyes and entice you to run your hands over its surface.

Art of Tiles

Our Artisan collections will add a touch of glamour and elegance to any design.

I will be posting regularly and value your feed back and I would love to hear from you…with your questions, observations, input and feedback.

I will have guests from time to time to share there insights on tiles, design and art.

Till Next Time

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