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Contemporary Bathroom Tile Installation

Navy blue wash glaze handmade subway tiles. Craftsman home design idea in Toronto.

We just love the detail and texture of our ceramic handmade tiles with colours so deep you’ll want to dive in.


3” x 8” Subway Tile, navy blue wash glaze

Sold by the square foot


3” x 8” Subway Navy Blue Brushed Glaze
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The navy blue wash subway tile will enliven your senses when utilized in the bathroom.


This navy blue ceramic subway tile is easy to arrange in a variety of ways that brings rich contrast to light walls, especially in the bath or kitchen. Its straight edges deliver a clean, crisp look that’s well-suited for contemporary decors.

Custom Design

Bespoke tiles and made-to-order projects

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Tell us about shape, color, quantity, design notes and anything else you want us to know about the tile project you’re working on and we’ll get back to you – supporting you with the information you need to continue your tile project planning.

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Subway tiles

Simple but chic, there’s a reason subway tile is a classic. The ways you can utilize subway tiles in your home are only limited by your imagination. We love them in every room, but subway tile kitchen backsplashes and bathrooms are a couple of our favorite ways to incorporate these rectangular tiles into your home. For a twist on the classic, try using subway tiles in an unexpected color to add more interest.

subway tile

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Bespoke Tile Projects

Black Rock Studio offers you the possibility of designing your own custom tile. For all spaces – from kitchens to bathrooms and more – we will study your project once the Request Form above has been completed. In this you can indicate the dimensions, shape and color of the desired handcrafted ceramic tile pieces.

Guaranteed Quality

A long history supports us in custom projects, designing tiles for both residential and commercial settings. These bespoke projects are carried out with the utmost attention and quality, to get our customers a product in perfect conditions that meets the requirements and aspire to create unique environments.

Custom Tile Design

We have been making high quality tiles by hand for close to 30 years, exploring the visual potential of elegant hand painted designs and richly coloured glazes. We can hand paint any design and pattern. Our artisan tiles are colour coordinated and tailored regarding shape, texture, pattern and size.

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